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About Us
Its not about us, its about you!
We are here to help those that feel they are in need of assistance, and have no place to turn to.
We know that not everyone meets the guide lines that are required for representation for legal assistance, and its very depressing, especially when you want the best for your child and most importantly you want to be with your child.
Together we can all make a difference. And we can all help each other by sharing with each other what we have personally gone through with our cases, and working together as a group we can not only come up with idears to assist each other, but also lean on each other for comfort and moral support.
We must make one thing very clear, we do not have an attorney working with us right now, but if we listen to each other, and we do our research, it will help us all to not only know how to represent ourselves in court, but to also know the law and draft and submit our next motion(s) for court.
We do hope to have some Attorneys and Guardian ad Litems to hopefully donate some free time in the near future, and we also are looking to hire a good attorney, and hopefully meet once a month as a group. So if you would like to get involved please do let us know, email us just click on questions
911 We will
NEVER forget!
New Hampshire