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Guardian ad Litem - GAL / Mediators

Welcome to our Guardian ad Litem Page, as you know when it comes to GAL's or Mediation people some are very good at what they do.And for the most part are considered to be good citizens, have good morals and live up to the oath they took to become a Guardian ad Litem / Mediator.

Things you should know!

Rule # 1 - Guardian ad Litems are suppose to visit both homes of the Petitioner and the Respondent.

Rule # 2 - Guardian ad Litems are normally Court Ordered to be paid for their services by both parties 50% each.

Rule # 3 - Guardian ad Litems can be Court Ordered to have a fixed rate, if you ask the Court to do so.

Rule # 4 - Guardian ad Litems are suppose to look out for the best interest of the child / children.

Rule # 5 - Guardian ad Litems are NOT dismissed from their duties, till Court Ordered to.

Then again there are those that you just wonder how they are still in business, and perhaps you should stay away from them.

To see what GAL's or Mediators you should stay away from, click on this line…

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